Morgantown Regional Bicycle + Pedestrian Transportation Plan


Welcome to the Morgantown Regional Bicycle + Pedestrian Transportation Plan web site! The Morgantown Monongalia MPO, with support from Monongalia County, the City of Morgantown, the City of Westover and WVU, invite you to help us plan for the future of bicycling and walking in and around Morgantown. Through the end of summer 2019, we are asking for the public’s input on ways that the MPO, the WV Division of Highways, the City of Morgantown and neighboring municipalities can improve safety and connectivity for pedestrians and bicyclists using state and local roads for both recreation and transportation. In particular, a 2nd round of public meetings and open houses are scheduled for May. Beyond that, the project team is planning for a demonstration project to illustrate the potential for pedestrian and bicycle-related improvements on a particular roadway and/or intersection in Morgantown. See the “Events” tab below for more information when it becomes available.

The primary focus of this plan is to identify intersections in need of pedestrian safety and ADA improvements,  develop a network of on-road bike facilities and to prioritize new and repaired sidewalks that help to fill-in gaps in the pedestrian network. Your input to the interactive map and online survey below will help to inform the Alta Planning + Design/Stantec team’s analysis and recommendations. Building off of previous planning work by the MPO, and the City’s Pedestrian Safety Board and Bicycle Board, this will be the region’s first formal bicycle and pedestrian transportation plan. It will articulate new policies, programs and infrastructure projects intended to enhance safety, improve accessibility for all, and increase bicycling and walking in Morgantown, Star City, Granville and Westover, and at WVU.

Thanks for your interest in the Morgantown Regional Bicycle + Pedestrian Transportation Plan. The public comment period is now closed. You are permitted to leave your contact info if you wish (see “SIGN UP” below), or to peruse the comments on the Interactive Map. Draft PDF documents will continue to be available until the end of the project, early in 2020.

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In May, the public had the opportunity to attend a community workshop at Marilla Park to supplement the project’s first open house on February 5th. The next, and final, public meeting for the planning project will be held in mid-late October, TBD. At all of the meetings, we invite the community to learn more about the benefits of new bicycle and pedestrian facilities, review the planning team’s analysis and draft recommendations, and to provide feedback. Summaries, presentations and handouts from the community open houses will be posted to the website in the near future. Even if you are not able to attend, your input is always welcome 24/7 on the interactive map or via our contact form.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for more information about the public meetings and open houses tentatively scheduled for May.

Past Events

See the Documents area for materials used for the previous community events.

February 5
Community Open House #1 at the Metropolitan Theater in Morgantown

(see the Documents section for access to the materials)

May 20 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Community Workshop at Marilla Park in Morgantown
May 21 | 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Public Engagement at Kids’ Safety and Fitness Expo

Pop-up tabling event at the Kids’ Safety and Fitness Expo at the WVU Student Rec Center. See


The project website provides the opportunity for community members to access materials developed by the consultant team for the open houses, and in preparation for the draft/final report. The links below include summary notes, slide presentations, and handouts from the monthly Steering Committee meetings and the February 5th open house. Ultimately, draft and final-draft versions of the Regional Bicycle + Pedestrian Transportation Plan report will be available for downloading as well. Comments on any of these materials are welcome and can be submitted to the project team using our contact form.

Oct 16 Final Ped/Bike Network Map PDFs Oct 16 Final Meeting presentation slides Oct 16 Flyer – Final Public Meeting at Marilla Park Steering Committee Meeting 5 slides Steering Committee Meeting 5 notes Marilla Park Public Workshop, May 20 – slides Marilla Park Public Workshop, May 20 – notes Steering Committee Meeting 4 slides Steering Committee Meeting 4 notes Steering Committee Meeting 3 slides Steering Committee Meeting 3 Notes Steering Committee Meeting 2 Notes Feb 5 Open House background info boards Feb 5 Open House slides Steering Committee kick off notes Steering Committee kick off slides Plan Schedule

More Info

For those seeking more information about planning work and other initiatives related to future transportation, especially related to walking and bicycling in the Morgantown region, feel free to click on any of the web site or PDF links below.

Plan Name: (2010) City of Morgantown Downtown Strategic Plan
Website Link:
PDF Link:

Plan Name: (2010) Morgantown Pedestrian Safety Plan
PDF Link:

Plan Name: (2012) Greater Morgantown Bicycle Plan
Website Link:
PDF Link:

Plan Name: (2013) MMMPO Bicycle Plan
Website Link:
PDF Link:

Plan Name: (2013) Monongalia County Comprehensive Plan
PDF Link:

Plan Name: (2013) Morgantown Comprehensive Plan
Website Link:

Plan Name: (2013) Westover Comprehensive Plan
Website Link:
PDF Link:

Plan Name: 2013-2040 Long Range Transportation Plan
Website Link:

Plan Name: (2015) Greenbag Road Corridor Study
Website Link:
PDF Link:

Plan Name: (2016) University Avenue Corridor Study
Website Link:
PDF Link:

Plan Name: (2016) Westover-Granville Pedestrian Study
Website Link:
PDF Link:

Plan Name: 2017-2019 Morgantown Strategic Plan
Website Link:

Plan Name: 2017-2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update
Website Link:
PDF Link:

Project Team

The Morgantown Monongalia MPO, its partners and the consultant team are supported by a Steering Committee that meets monthly throughout the duration of the project. The Committee is comprised of representatives from:

  • West Virginia Division of Highways
  • West Virginia University
  • Monongalia County
  • City of Morgantown
  • Mountain Line Transit
  • local bicycle, pedestrian, and trail advocates

Contact Us

Thank you for visiting the Morgantown Regional Bicycle + Pedestrian Transportation Plan web site. The public comment period has now ended, but if you wish to follow along on project updates, please subscribe to the mailing list below.

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